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Cyndia Lauper

Bring Ya to the Brink (Epic)



On her first album of original material in a dozen years, Lauper pulls a Madonna, renovating her image from 1980s MTV icon into modern dance-floor diva. Bring Ya to the Brink doesn't transcend the genre the way Ray of Light does, but it is Lauper's best and most consistent album since her 1983 debut. And it's at least as good as Madonna's new Hard Candy. On cuts like "Into the Nightlife" and "Echo," Lauper and her A-list producers — including Basement Jaxx and Dragonette — throb, pulse, and bubble with life. Sexy, robotic beats rub against Lauper's warm and still very much human vocals. Apparently, the girl still just wants to have fun. — Michael Gallucci

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