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Daft Punk

Alive 2007 (Virgin)



Theoretically, a live album by Daft Punk shouldn't work. After all, the French electronic duo's live performances — which include a knockout light show, thousands of sweaty fans uniting in dance, and the star DJs dressed as über-funky robots — deliver a visual treat as tasty as the music.

But Alive 2007 is a surprisingly triumphant record that doubles as both concert souvenir and a mashup mix of the group's greatest hits. No track plays alone here; each cut is paired with a similarly themed song, fashioning one long and seamless groove. "Around the World" and "Harder Better Faster Stronger" (the song Kanye recently reshaped into a monster hit of his own) build to a sweltering climax. "One More Time," paired with "Aerodynamic," is even more scorching. By the end of Alive's 75-minute trip, more than two dozen tracks effectively form the planet's best-ever dance party.

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