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Dancing on the Feeling

You're supposed to be PO'd at this body-bending dance ensemble.


Kora Radella wants today's Strike a Nerve/Strike a Chord dance performance to get under your skin. If the show's contorted moves disorient the audience, the choreographer for Double-Edge Dance — a contemporary-dance troupe from Oberlin — has done her job. The show features three solos and two duets, including the piece "Some Nerve," in which Radella and fellow dancer Kimberly Karpanty flail about erratically, to irritate the viewer. In "Amiss," she pairs with Emily Lawrence to tell a choreographed story about connection and disconnection. Dancer Chris Seibert, for her contribution, will perform the "unnerving" text piece "Nerve C(h)ord." "It introduces handshake motives that sometimes fit together and sometimes do not," says Radella. "One of the running themes is integration, when the nerves are calm, and non-integration, when the nerves misfire."The program also includes two repertory pieces, Lisa Lock's "Scratching the Surface" and Seibert's "Sit Stool Silent Shout," as well as original music by composer Ross Feller, who'll accompany Radella's dances with improvised saxophone riffs. And throughout the show, audiences should be left confused by the marriage of frenetic dancing and harmonious instrumental melodies. "Either way, it can be captivating and life-changing," says Radella. The show starts at 3 this afternoon at Cleveland Public Theatre, 6415 Detroit Avenue. Tickets are $10 to $18. Call 216-631-2727 or visit
Sun., April 13, 3 p.m., 2008

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