Dark Star

When: Wed., Aug. 26 2015

Dark Star, a documentary about the Swiss surrealist painter H.R. Giger known for his Oscar-winning designs in Alien, screens tonight at 7 at the Cleveland Museum of Art. If the tattooed, heavy-metalloid disciples who caravanned to the Giger museum in the film are any indication, expect a lot of eyeliner and ear gauges in the audience. Giger's paintings are the stuff of nightmares. He has said that their creation was a kind of catharsis or therapy for him, the method by which he countenanced his most gruesome, indomitable fears. Before Alien, Giger was best known for working in and revolutionizing the representation of "biomechanical" forms, vaguely homo sapien figures crossed with machines. He was equally fascinated by (and terrified of?) birth, sex and death and orchestrated intricate Dali-esque tableaus in which all three were represented with lots of inventive coital imagery. The film, though, is less an artist-at-work doc (a la For No Good Reason, 2014's Johnny-Depp-produced visit with gonzo painter Ralph Steadman) and more an "artist-wandering-around-his-bizarro-house" doc. Tickets are $9. (Sam Allard)

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