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Dave Alvin

When: Wed., March 7 2012

It's been years since Dave Alvin has released an album that rocks as convincingly as last year's Eleven Eleven. He really doesn't switch gears all that much on his 11th record -- he's still playing a sweaty mix of barroom blues, heartland country, and tube-amp-driven rock & roll – but his commitment to the songs is palpable, especially when he leads his smoking-hot band in guitar-fueled rave-ups that would have sounded perfect in the middle of the Blasters' sets back in the day. Lyrically, Alvin still writes about barely-hanging-on characters whose luck ran out years ago -- classic Americana that's as much a part of the 1930s as it is 2012. He has a long history behind him, so his live shows usually fall together with pieces of his storied past: some Blasters for sure, maybe some Knitters or X, and definitely some songs from his first two great solo albums, Romeo's Escape and Blue Blvd. Whatever he decides to play, it will undoubtedly be delivered with the class and professionalism that has defined his 30-year career. 8 p.m. Tickets: $20. – Michael Gallucci

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