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David Bazan

With Pattern Is Movement. Sunday, February 11, at the Grog Shop.


There's a line square in the middle of "Cold Beer and Cigarettes," the best song of David Bazan's premiere solo EP, where he promises, "I'll get to where I'm going . . . pretty soon." It's good news from Bazan; after a couple years of sitting in with half-baked Seattle indies, recording limp synthpop, and a final Pedro the Lion record that included, in lieu of bonus tracks, a feud with Pitchfork over its poor review, we've been inclined to ask How soon is now? But the EP's easygoing melodicism might be a step in the right direction, even if the messages (America sucks, music critics suck, Jews killed Jesus, etc.) are a bit, well, getting there. But don't worry, Dave. When you finally do get there, we'll be right there waiting.

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