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Def Leppard: Hysteria



In 1986, Def Leppard was one of the hottest bands in hair metal. Then drummer Rick Allen partied hard one time too many, mangling his sweet ride and losing an arm in the process. But this was only a bump in the road for Leppard producer Mutt Lange. Always square and sober, Lange encouraged a jury-rigged drum kit, dropped a drum machine into the mix, and kept the hyper-compressed party anthems a-churning.

Recently reissued as a deluxe, remastered edition, 1987's Hysteria should really have been titled "Pour Some Sugar on Me." Though Def Leppard's candy-coated dreams have long since fallen out of favor with the MTV generation, the record's anchor hit still makes strippers strip and mechanics . . . uhh . . . repair things. And with 11 bonus tracks, extended versions, and alternate mixes, a new and improved Hysteria will have the rest of us pouring sugar on each other once again.

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