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With Mark Morgan, Failing Lights, Thursday Club, Skin Graft, and Emeralds. Tuesday, February 6, at Diamond Shiners (267 South Portage Path, Akron).


Usually when a band blows up, it just keeps on playing bigger and bigger venues -- never once looking back to the house parties and cavernous warehouses that started it all. But that's not how Nate Young operates. As the founding father of Wolf Eyes, Young has played the 2005 Coachella festival (along with Coldplay and Wilco), as well as recently sharing a stage with a re-formed Stooges in the U.K.

But now, with the Michigan trio taking it easy for a couple of months, the electronics nut is busy touring tiny performance spaces with Demons, his new multimedia project with synth freak Steve Kenney and girlfriend and visual artist Alivia Zivich. And unlike the harsh noise-jams of Wolf Eyes, "We just kinda turn our synths on and enjoy the sounds that they make," explains a relaxed Young. "It's not really demanding on us or the audience."

Joining Young at Akron's Diamond Shiners -- a self-proclaimed "place to go for 'nearly' free social gatherings" -- will be two other dudes on side-project jaunts: guitarist Mark Morgan of Sightings and Failing Lights, a.k.a. Mike Connelly, also of Wolf Eyes and Hair Police.

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