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With Brian Straw and Snowforestars. Wednesday, April 23, at the Beachland Ballroom.


  • Denali
Denali specializes in atmosphere that occupies the middle ground between benign and unsettling. On the Virginia band's self-titled debut, released last year on the Jade Tree imprint, guitarist Cam DiNunzio, bassist Keeley Davis, and drummer Jonathan Fuller provide dramatic backdrops against which singer/multi-instrumentalist Maura Davis pitches her thin but evocative voice. Because she's equally adept at purring and caterwauling, tracks like "Relief," which plays the volume-dynamics game to good effect, give off an odd, jittery vibe. Even songs as outwardly static as "Time Away" and "Prozac" maintain palpable tension. Denali's music may sound familiar at first, but the longer it plays, the moodier and more unpredictable it becomes.

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