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Desert Isle Discs

5 CDs you can't live without.

After his punk band, GC5, broke up, singer-guitarist Doug McKean worked with Roger Hoover & the Whiskeyhounds, Tim Easton, and Rosavelt. Now heading his own group, he celebrates Heels Up, a new album of roots rock and soul with a rock-and-roll spirit.

1. Townes Van Zandt, Live at the Old Quarter. "No one writes lyrics like this. It's as beautiful and lonesome as a deserted island."

2. The Equals, First Among Equals. "I'd need some good party music. I was going to go with a Prince record, but you don't want to be preoccupied with sex while you're alone on an island."

3. Doug McKean, Heels Up. "This is not a plug, it's just that all my friends played on it, and I could listen to it and it would remind me of them."

4. Robyn Hitchcock, Fegmania! "Catchy as can be, and the surreal lyrics would delay the onset of insanity for a while."

5. Elvis Costello, Blood & Chocolate. "Once insanity set in, I'd split my time between imagining old girlfriends and listening to 'I Want You' over and over, and making Napoleon Dynamite jokes to myself."

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