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Desert Isle Discs

Beaten Awake singer-guitarist Ryan Brannon picks his five favorite albums.

1. Sebadoh, III
"I've bought this record maybe five times on different formats. I still love it."

2. Unwound, Repetition
"Really any -- or every -- Unwound record would do. Never wrote a bad song or recorded a bad album."

3. Led Zepplin, Coda
"If stranded on an island with no Zeppelin, you'd be as good as dead. 'Poor Tom' is like the best fucking song I've ever heard."

4. Breeders, Title TK
"When I got my first computer, I saw a video for 'Huffer' and freaked out. Then I bought it and really freaked out -- 'The London Song ' is so awesome."

5. Fleetwood Mac, Rumors
"If I had to pick just one, it would be this one. When the Party of Helicopters toured England, I literally listened to it constantly."

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