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Devil Doll

With Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival and Martini 5-0. 9 p.m. Saturday, November 24, $10 (all ages). Beachland Tavern, 15711 Waterloo Ave., 216-383-1124.



Devil Doll's home for the holidays. The hometown alt-diva traded Cleveland cold for L.A. sunshine, where she blossomed into a living, breathing pinup girl. Since the last time she was in town, she's polished up her roots-rock cabaret show, which features rowdy tunes like "The Curse" and "Liquor Store." On the new Queen of Pain album, she branches into sultry mambo swing on songs such as "You Are the Best Thing" — as in "You are the best thing/And the worst thing/That has ever happened to me." In "The One Who Got Away," she's a little tougher, exhaling, "I'm the toughest little cookie that you're ever gonna see." Believe it — she makes the hurt sound so good.

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