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DEVOtional 2007

Saturday, August 25, at the Beachland.



We're all DEVO. It cannot be denied. Ohio's gift to the world, the band of Akron mutants put malformed genetics to music. Its theory of "De-Evolution" has blossomed in so many ways in our young century. Is it any coincidence that the Buckeye State also help re-elect our de-evolved commander in chief?

Those who understand will gather at the Beachland for DEVOtional, an annual convention dedicated to concentrated DEVOness, featuring vendors, collectors, and tribute acts. Followers will hear words from DEVO co-founder Gerald V. Casale as well as hymns from the Spudboys, the Mutant Mountain Boys, and Poopy Necroponde's Tater Blaster.

The Rev. Ivan Stang will also be on hand to convert heathens to the Church of the Subgenius.

Alex Brunelle, chief Spudboy and organizer of DEVOtional, explains the relevance of DEVO. "When they started, they were seen as kind of a joke. Then they turned out kinda right: Humankind has just been screwing ourselves over and over again for the last three decades -- just harder and harder into the ground."

Although many humans still hoot "Nerds!" and fling poo at attendees, Brunelle says that's the way it goes. He then quotes Henry Rollins: "There are two kinds of people: Those who get DEVO and those who don't."

Well said, Hank.

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