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Dirt Devils


Tonight’s Freestyle Motocross competition at the Q is all about big tricks and long airtime. Eight-time champ Geoff Aaron defends his title against 13 other dust-kicking, gravity-defying cyclists. Expect to see audience-pleasing stunts like the Superman Seat Grab (in which a rider stretches his legs behind the bike and holds on with one hand) and the Cliffhanger, where a biker hooks his feet under the handlebars and lifts both hands in the air. “It’s what you see on TV brought to life,” says Motocross spokesman Tray Kuszmaul. After the first round, the top eight riders will hit the ramps, where they’ll perform tricks 40 feet in the air. It all culminates in a group Whip, a classic move that involves turning the bike on its side while in the air.
Sat., Jan. 27, 7:30 p.m.

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