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Dirty Dancing

Gay bar teams up athletics with muscle-bound dancer.


A month after its grand opening, Club Argos has worked out most of the wrinkles in branding itself an “alternative sports bar.” And what better way to promote a club for gay guys loaded with testosterone than with its six-man dance team, the Argonauts. “We wanted good-looking guys with muscles,” says co-owner Brian Kaufman-Butler. “This is Coyote Ugly, but we’re talking men.” @cal body 1:The shirtless troupe boogies around the bar twice a week in undies embroidered with the club’s logo. When they’re not around, 11 TVs beam Cavs, Browns, and Tribe games. Kaufman-Butler came up with the concept after he polled 150 potential customers to pinpoint the kind of club they’d patronize. “I didn’t know people wanted a place where they can watch football or basketball in peace,” he says. “When I say alternative, I mean for everybody: lesbians, gays, straights. As long as they’re tolerant.”
Fridays, Saturdays, 11 a.m., 2006

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