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Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Friday, July 4, at Lock 3, Akron.



If there's anything post-Katrina that New Orleanians have come to value, it's stability, familiarity, and tradition. For a city nearly lost through force of nature and the folly of men, that trinity gives hope and direction, providing both a sense of history and a legacy worth preserving. Crescent City icons the Dirty Dozen Brass Band have been laying these concepts deep within their grooves for more than three decades. With Kirk Joseph's incendiary sousaphone blazing a path, the group revitalizes the somewhat hoary New Orleans custom of brass bands by blending classic Second Line musicianship with contemporary R&B and rock. The Dirty Dozen Brass Band occasionally plays to formula, but to a city that came face-to-face with its own mortality, the group stands as a firm reminder of what New Orleans was, is, and will forever strive to be.

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