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With Don Austin and Kill the Hippies. Wednesday, November 17, at the Lime Spider.


Hardcore forerunners D.O.A. are exactly where they were 20 years ago: playing clubs to small crowds, releasing records, and railing on the Republican in the White House. For their new disc, Live Free or Die, the Canadian pundits even rerecorded their anti-Reagan anthem, "Fucked Up Ronnie" (as in "You're fucked up, Ronnie"), as "Fucked Up Bush."

D.O.A. sounded more than a little dated and gray on 2002's Win the Battle, rehashing political issues from the Vietnam era -- which singer Joey "Shithead" Keithley is old enough to have watched on TV. But two years later, with America embroiled in a conflict with no end in sight, the band's message is more relevant than it's been in ages. And D.O.A. live shows, with their congenial circle pits, are as enjoyable as ever.

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