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Dollar Store

Sunday, February 10, at the Beachland Tavern.


Dollar Store revs up its big rig for the Beachland.
  • Dollar Store revs up its big rig for the Beachland.

Three-quarters of Chicago's Dollar Store also play in the Waco Brothers, the alt-country side project founded by the Mekons' Jon Langford. This side project is a more rocking outfit than either of those other bands. Where the Wacos dive into Hank Williams' old songbook for twangy inspiration and the Mekons are essentially artsy punks with good grammar, Dollar Store is made up of beer-drinking disciples of old-school rock and roll. The riffs and rhymes on the band's second album, last year's Money Music, are as old as a dive bar's jukebox selection . . . and every bit as reliable. Singer Dean Schlabowske slurs his way through a set of songs about "Wasting Away," "Twisting in the Wind," and hanging out "In the Gravel Yard." It's weekend music played for folks who want to forget about their crappy blue-collar jobs. Dollar Store plays the Beachland on Sunday, but don't let that stop you from raising hell like it's Friday night.

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