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Don't Call It a Remake

The Thing prequel looks a lot like the other one



Set just before the events of the 1982 classic with the same title, The Thing prequel tells the story of the Norwegian research base that initially stumbled on the frozen alien remains.

It seems like the discovery of the century until they realize the damn thing is still alive. Even worse, it's hostile and can take on the form of its prey. Despite the many similarities with John Carpenter's movie, this new Thing isn't nearly as suspenseful.

The filmmakers try to retain the original's subtle paranoia while pleasing modern audiences hungry for a gory spectacle, so the deliberately paced beginning eventually gives way to the vicious alien, who starts showing up everywhere. This Thing goes from tense to tedious in no time, but fans will love the way it directly leads into the 1982 movie. --Ben Gifford

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