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Music Around Town


When: Tue., Feb. 21 2012

Minneapolis hip-hop squad Doomtree are kinda like mid-'00s Saturday Night Live: all utility players, no stars. Still, Doomtree bang hard, unleashing a bludgeoning slam-dance of guitars, hard-as-fuck homemade beats, and semi-anonymous dudes yelling at you about major-label malfeasance without getting nasally noisome or pre-cloud rap-Renaissance soft. And while MC Cecil Otter famously mashed-up hardcore royals Fugazi with the Wu-Tang Clan – who provided the blueprint for countless rap crews like Doomtree – there isn't a Ghostface Killah or even Ol’ Dirty Bastard anywhere in the seven-man bunch. That's not to say that the alt-rap group's second album, No Kings (which came out in November), isn’t a rousing, satisfying bum-rush of concentrated chaos. It definitely is. But it’s the kind of chaos that’s got its shit straight and boots on the ground. It’s hard to imagine that changing much, which is good enough for Doomtree -- and for us. With No Loot. 8:30 p.m. Tickets: $12, $10. -- Raymond Cummings