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Stop Playin Wit Em! (



Cleveland's Drastic has won several local awards for his impressive flow, but his lyrics lack creativity. Stop Playin Wit Em! is plagued with signs of modern rap's obsession with materialism. There are a few notable exceptions here: "Still Hungry" and "Dreams to Reality" offer a more diverse perspective, proving Drastic does have potential. However, songs like "Never Be a L.A.M.E" and "What I Ask For" — with lyrics like "I'm a simple kind of dude/No it doesn't take much to keep me in a good mood" — sum up the vibe of the record.

Like the lyrics, the beats (provided by producers like Razor Blade, D. Roof, and Zup) mimic the sound of Top 40 rap: simple and stale. Clevelanders will appreciate "Believe in Cleve," a track that shows support for his hometown. Unfortunately, local pride isn't enough to save SPWE from its cookie-cutter brand of hip-hop.

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