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Scofflaw @ The Fairmount


We're up against patio season now, so it never hurts to sip on something springy till the temps finally tick up. The Scofflaw ($9) is one of those drinks. It also makes you say, "I could sit outside on a patio and drink this all day long." Which is partially true, because it's damn smooth, and partially untrue, because the stiff pour is a gut punch — in the good way. Maestro-mixer Tom Mullady's take on the classic cocktail has rye whiskey, chartreuse, orange bitters, dry vermouth, and fresh lemon juice. The Cedar Hill martini and wine bar is in the midst of working up a new drink menu and will be opening its expansive patio before long. Until then, sipping on a Scofflaw's the best and most delicious reminder that spring — and that outdoor table with the cool breeze — isn't far off. Find them at 2448 Fairmount Blvd. in Cleveland Heights or online at thefairmount.net. — Vince Grzegorek

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