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Pom Mint Julep @ Melt Bar & Grilled


For Melt's Drink of the Month, management thought it would be fun to hold a contest among its bartenders to see who could create the new May gem. Liz Baca, a bartender at the Cleveland Heights location (13463 Cedar Rd.), took top honors with her Pomegranate Mint Julep ($8), a twist on the classic. "I was thinking spring and horse racing," she explains. "I wanted to dust off an old-fashioned cocktail and make it more contemporary." She did so simply by adding Pama Pomegranate Liqueur to the customary rundown of good bourbon, mint, sugar, and soda. "The Maker's Mark is still the star, but the pomegranate makes it more approachable." So far, says Baca, the response has been nothing short of lovely. "One customer told me that the drink was 'blowing my mind — the best bourbon cocktail I ever had.'" To blow your own mind, hit Melt before May runs dry. For more info, check out meltbarandgrilled.com. — Douglas Trattner

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