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With Cold, Revis, and Cauterize. Friday, August 15, at Tower City Amphitheater.


Driven by singer Amy Lee's crystal-shattering voice, the Arkansas quartet Evanescence sent a shot of adrenaline into rock radio with the Godzilla-sized riffs and distressed strings of their Daredevil soundtrack hit, "Bring Me to Life." More specifically, Lee's desperate wails and piano intro sounded like Tori Amos's goth sister. But such a defiant musical stance wasn't a one-off burst of original energy; it also describes the rest of Evanescence's second disc, Fallen.

Recently shunned by the Christian rock community after Lee and guitarist Ben Moody downplayed past affiliations with the genre, Evanescence exhibits a range of styles on Fallen that almost everyone else -- velvet-swathed Goths, nü-metal moshers, introspective poets, and even casual Top 40 listeners -- will appreciate. The solo piano tune "My Immortal" swirls with the moving a cappella elegance of Amos's best work, while "Whisper" uses electronic scratching, "Lies" conjures the tribal hymns of Dead Can Dance, and "Going Under" adds twisted ivory-ticklin' intelligence to overly familiar metal riffs.

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