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Fall Out Boy Friends

Chicago newcomers pal around with Fall Out Boy and score a winner.


Think of Chicago’s Hush Sound as emo’s version of Ben Folds Five. Super-catchy pop that bursts with bouncy piano riffs masking some mighty bitter and gloomy sentiments, the band’s latest album, Like Vines, swerves from jaunty pop tunes to melancholic ballads. The group was discovered by Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, who signed it to his Decaydance label. And like Fall Out Boy, the Hush Sound knows how to ride a hook. Like Vines -- co-produced by FOB’s Patrick Stump -- rolls all over the alterna-pop map, while the group’s four members take turns at the mic. Should be quite a kick onstage.
Mon., Dec. 11, 6 p.m.

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