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Celebrs from TV's good ol' days sign autographs.


Fan-tastic! Celebs from TV's good ol' days sign autographs. Most of Kathy Garver's fans these days are 50-year-old men. "They say, 'You were my first crush,'" laughs the 60-year-old Family Affair actress. "I always ask them, Well, what happened?" Garver is among the four dozen celebrities appearing at the International Sports & Entertainment Festival, an autograph- and stalker-friendly gathering of aging stars like Deion Sanders, Adam West, and Stella Stevens.

From 1966 to 1971, Garver played Cissy on Family Affair, a weekly sitcom about three orphans who are taken in by their bachelor uncle and his stuffy British valet. On the cover of the first-season DVD (which will be released in two weeks), Garver is the only one smiling. "It was a harbinger of things to come," she says, referring to the cast's real-life tragedies, including the death of Anissa "Buffy" Jones, who overdosed on a cocaine-Quaalude-angel-dust cocktail when she was 18. Garver — who got her start in The Ten Commandments — prefers to remember it as an innocent time. "I was so sweet and skinny back then," she says. "I've gotten more of an edge over the years."
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