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Fat Kids' Revenge

Local punks use bar flies as song material.


If you hang out at the same bar as local punk trio Fat Kids on Cupcakes, chances are pretty good that the guys will write a song about you. Just ask the patrons of Avon Lake's Tailgaters, who are the subjects of the song "Juiceboxes and Jerky." "One guy would always get into fights without knowing it, because he was such a clumsy drunk," laughs bassist J.J. Zingale. "There was another guy who would pour beer into his own shoe and drink it. A lot of weird people there."

Even fellow alumni from Avon Lake High School's class of '99 find their way into the band's songs. In "Bryan Hunt," the threesome fondly recalls a notorious hell-raiser. "This kid was our local legend of a friend," says Zingale. "He ran into more trouble than we'd ever seen in our lives. He managed to dislocate both his knees in the course of two weeks. He puked all over our guitarist in his parents' family room. And he got caught breaking into a bar to steal liquor, because he went back for more, after he got away with it." The song almost writes itself . . .
Fri., May 26, 9 p.m.

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