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Fifth Annual Suicide Prevention Benefit

8 p.m. Friday, February 24, $6 (18 and over). Hi-Fi Concert Club, 11729 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, 216-521-8878.


Derek Hess' art is a little dark, but don't get him wrong: He definitely thinks life is worth living. Hess' Strhess Clothing is one of the sponsors of Domain Cleveland's Fifth Annual Suicide Prevention Benefit, which donates the proceeds to the Berea Children's Home. "Here's something a therapist once told me about suicide," says Hess. "Suicide tends to be impulsive, and if someone who's considering it could step back for a minute and get some help, they would probably see why it's not such a good idea." But enough with the downers: The show will be a good time, featuring edgy hard rock and post-punk from Who Killed Marilyn?, Nothing Blue, Rely, Begging for Seconds, and This Mourning Memory (pictured), a Cleveland supergroup that features players also known for their work in Switched, Shenoah, and Audiblethread.

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