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Monday, June 16, at House of Blues.



Drama has always surrounded Derek "Fish" Dick. It's a key component of his very best work: From the early days, fronting prog-rockers Marillion, to a fruitful solo career (which he launched in 1988), Fish's trials and tribulations have fueled his music. The hulking Scotsman recently underwent a public breakup with his fiancée; his latest album, 13th Star, picks up the pieces. Once christened a Peter Gabriel copycat (and briefly considered for the Genesis job after Phil Collins left in 1996), Fish continues on his prog-rock path with a roving heart-on-sleeve style. 13th Star centers on alcoholism, domestic abuse, terrorism, unrequited love, and relationships — all with a much sharper edge than Fish has shown in years. At 50 years old, the writer, actor, singer, and DJ soldiers on, rocking harder than proggies half his age.

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