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When this neighborhood is uttered in Northeast Ohio, it drums up instant conversation about some of the best restaurants in the region. But a lunch destination? That rarely comes up, which doesn't mean there aren't plenty of dishes and restaurants worthy of your mid-day time and budget. Our picks for five feasts for less than a ten spot:


2366 W 11th St • cityroastcoffee.com

Welcoming Tremonters and visitors to this neighborhood for more than 20 years, Civilization is more than your corner coffee house. Adjancent to Lincoln Park, this hidden gem of a lunch spot has a laid-back "build-your-own-sandwich" menu. For $5.95, the turkey and ham sandwich served on herb-focaccia bread hits the hankering. Top this with mustard, lettuce, tomato and pickles, finished off panini-style in Civilization's press, and you have a sturdy, filling meal. And if you need an afternoon jolt to counteract the calories, you're already in a coffee joint, so you're already in the best possible place to avoid a food coma.

Parallax Restaurant & Lounge

2179 W. 11th St • parallaxtremont.com

Zach Bruell's 2004 breakout success Parallax has been reinventing seafood and sushi in Northeast Ohio. For $8 you can consume one of the best spicy tuna rolls this side of Tokyo, but wait until you try the chili dog. Yes, a chili dog. For $10, this is an enormous all-beef hot dog topped with Parallax's house-made chili, onions, scallions and melted white cheddar cheese. Served with fresh-cut shoestring pomme frites, this dish will have you asking for a to-go box.

Fat Cats

2061 West 10th • coolplacestoeat.com

With so many high profile restaurants in Tremont, Fat Cats is occasionally overlooked – a mistake even the seasoned food writer can make every once in awhile. But then you visit and kick yourself for forgetting about it in the first place. Especially if you grab the spaghetti carbonara at lunch. A flat $10 will score you house-made spaghetti tossed with Parma prosciutto, Spanish onion, cream, a poached egg and some perfectly balanced Parmesan cheese. And it'll have eyeing the wine list before the afternoon is over.

Ty Fun

815 Jefferson Ave. • tyfunthaibistro.com

Not only is this one of the best restaurants in Cleveland, Ty Fun helps set the standard in Cleveland's extensive menu of Thai cuisine. Owner Sunny Ting has been educating us on the art of Southeast Asian grub since this compact bistro opened in 2006. Serving lunch in Tremont for years, Ty Fun offers numerous items for $10 or less. For the money, you can't beat the signature dish: Pad Thai. These famous noodles are pan-fried with string beans, tofu, bean sprouts and ground peanuts, and hit home every time.

La Bodega

869 Jefferson Ave.


In a time where we are overloaded with Subways, Jimmy Johns, Penn Stations and so on, it is refreshing to find a good neighborhood sandwich shop. La Bodega is everything you imagine it to be: quaint, very few tables, funky decor and a blow-your-mind artisan sandwich and salad menu. You really cannot miss with anything here – and they have something for every taste -- but I'm a sucker for good chicken salad, and Bodega's Cajun version hits the right notes of creamy and savory. Moist, white meat is tossed with corn, black beans and colored peppers. Top it with LTO and choose your bread (the rosemary ciabatta is a good choice) and browse the chip options while the handy sandwich artists press the creation.

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