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Flame Off!

Festival aims to keep the Cuyahoga River fireproof.


Today's Great Lakes Burning River Fest has an ecological message at its center, but you're liable to miss it amid all the food, beer, and music. "Many of the songs carry an environmental message," says organizer Rebecca Bendlak.

Carlos Jones, the Whiskey Island Ramblers, and Joe Rohan are among the performers who pay tribute to the time when the Cuyahoga River caught fire, 37 years ago. Locally grown and organically produced eats from such area restaurants as Fat Cats, Fire, and the Great Lakes Brewing Company keep bellies full. And educational workshops show revelers how to collect rain water, build a boat, and steer a kayak. Plus, boat rides to Lake Erie coast-guard stations double as ecology lessons in keeping our lakes and rivers fire-resistant. "There are just so many ways to preserve the environment," says Bendlak.
Sat., Aug. 12, 11 a.m.-8 p.m.

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