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Flo White

Pearlescent (


When he performs with his band, all eyes are on Flo White. Clad in a white Lycra unitard, wings, and stuffed black thong, Flo commands the stage like a horny hellion. But the visual spectacle obscures his secret weapon: Behind Flo's frantic, bratty raps lies some super-heavy funk that stands entirely on its own.

And that's how the fun of the live show translates so ably to the studio. The band, which includes a turntablist and two bassists, is a cadre of serious funk scholars paying homage to such genre deities as Eddie "Maggotbrain" Hazel and others from the extended Funkadelic family. The synthesis of Flo's comical rhymes and the band's musicality is best on "Internet Ho," an instant classic about online pickups; the freak funk of "How Will I Know if You Love Me"; and "Something About It," an impassioned celebration of the awesome power of a woman's ass.

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