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Flogging Molly

With the Slackers and Avoid One Thing. Sunday, April 28, at the Agora Theatre.


Flogging Molly
  • Flogging Molly
Take an opening band gig and blow the headliner off the stage, and you'll turn heads. Do so when the Mighty Mighty Bosstones are that headliner, and you'll spin 'em. Meet Flogging Molly, who did just that but a few years ago and now finds itself near the peak of punk rock's Mount Olympus with a highly redundant but highly contagious blend of furious double-time punk bawlin' and vintage Irish folk tune tinkering. Penny whistles, violins, and accordions all mingle with head Flogger Dave King's randy Irish brogue, while a monster rhythm section boots our heroes straight from the pub to the Warped tour. Riverslamdance!

Sure, it's all soft-loud dynamic hack-work, predictable and visible for 20 miles in any direction on a clear day. But Flogging Molly officially earns the title Most Enjoyable Band to Get Drunk To, which will help ease the pain when that absurdly tattooed, green-haired jerkoff standing next to you at the show kicks you in the head whilst stagediving.

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