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Hot on the heels of a new concert CD, the Troubadours hit the road.


The Troubadours of Divine Bliss will wow local music fans with their "carpetbag of bliss" at a string of Off the Cuff CD-release parties this weekend. "With the different styles we have, it's like switching channels after every song," says the Troubadours' Aim Me Smiley. "It's like the weather: You'll like it in the next five minutes."

The Indiana folk duo recorded the double disc in December 2004 at Lakewood's Winchester Tavern. And that's where the pair unveils the new CD tonight, when Smiley and bandmate Renée Ananda will show off their fondness for live performances. "To me, it's the communication with other people," says Smiley. "There's nothing to feed off of when you're in a carpeted, windowless room in a studio. This [CD] has great, kinetic energy to it, because it really captured one of the great things that we love — to interact with everyone else. It also captured small imperfections. At the same time, there were miraculous moments you could never recreate in a studio."
Thu., March 2, 7 p.m.

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