Léa Seydoux brilliantly holds the center of Bruno Dumont’s unexpected, unsettling new film, which starts out as a satire of the contemporary news media before steadily spiraling out into something richer and darker. Never one to shy away from provoking his viewers, Dumont (The Life of Jesus, NYFF35) casts Seydoux as France de Meurs, a seemingly unflappable superstar TV journalist whose career, homelife, and psychological stability are shaken after she carelessly drives into a young delivery man on a busy Paris street. This accident triggers a series of self-reckonings, as well as a strange romance that proves impossible to shake. A film that teases at redemption while refusing to grant absolution, France is tragicomic and deliciously ambivalent—a very 21st-century treatment of the difficulty of maintaining identity in a corrosive culture.

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  • Bruno Dumont


  • Bruno Dumont


  • Andrea Paris
  • Bettina Ricklefs
  • Carlos Gerstenhauer
  • Dorothe Beinemeier
  • Fabrizio Mosca
  • Genevieve Lemal
  • Harald Steinwender
  • Ines Vasiljevic
  • Jean Bréhat
  • Marcantonio Borghese
  • Matteo Rovere
  • Muriel Merlin
  • Olivier Père
  • Rachid Bouchareb

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