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Fu Manchu

Valient Thorr, Seemless, and the Gluttons. 7 p.m. Saturday, March 17, $12 ADV/$15 DOS. Peabody's, 2083 E. 21st St., 216-776-9999.


If you don't like Fu Manchu, you don't like rock and roll. The California stoner-rawk dudes kick out the jams like it's '76 all over again, laying down fat, fuzzy basslines that make Wolfmother look like a pack of emo brats. And 'NCX listeners take note: Their version of "Moving in Stereo" is what the Cars' one good song would have sounded like if Zeppelin had written it. And "Knew It All Along" is the riff of the year. Totally gnarly, dude. Serious.

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