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The acoustic pop group Buffali got its name from a song by the Olsen twins. After making an internet search on the tabloid regulars, the Wisconsin duo stumbled on a tune called "One Buffalo, Two Buffali." "It was the first hit on Google, so we took it," says Clare Fehsenfeld, who plays guitar and keyboards. The pair teamed up three years ago after Fehsenfeld and bassist Andrew Yonda quit their respective jobs to focus on music. Their debut CD, Kerfuffle No. 10, is "bombastic acoustic indie pop," says Fehsenfeld, adding that their concerts have been known to "overwhelm" audiences. "A lot of people think of us as folk, because we're an acoustic duo," she says. "But we definitely have a pop sensibility. We're kinda raunchy, we swear, and we make jokes about sex."
Wed., Oct. 25, 8:30 p.m.

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