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Gabe Schray

Softest Service (Top/Hat)


Gabe Schray spent more time at the defunct Lime Spider club than the barstools. He was bassist for local bands Houseguest, Intelligent Knives, and Genetically Yours. He also played trumpet for Six Parts Seven, Beaten Awake, and Churchbuilder. Every so often, he makes lo-fi solo records. His latest project alternates white-noise soundscapes and indie-rock instrumentals. "Flaming Homosexual Telepaths" sounds like a movie soundtrack just waiting for the perfect movie. Meanwhile, Houseguest's Steve Clements helps out on the effervescent "Fanatical Fiction," pounding drums, tapping a whiskey bottle, and skipping up and down a xylophone. And if you ever need a brass solo that's soft as velvet, Schray's got one lined up.


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