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Gary Puckett

With the Grass Roots and Sonny Geraci. Saturday, November 25, at the Agora.



Christmas season does wonders for shows like this one. Gary Puckett, former frontman for the Union Gap, manages to channel the warm and fuzzy nostalgia that sells cashmere sweaters at Banana Republic. Puckett's been performing his admirable sheaf of familiar pop-soul tunes for decades now, so expect a slick if well-worn production -- including his massive 1968 hit "Young Girl," one of pop's all-time creepiest best-sellers.

Opening duties fall to the Grass Roots, once a pet project of folk-rock legend P.F. Sloan, who's recently worked with Frank Black. These days the Roots call themselves the Grass Roots Starring Original Lead Singer Rob Grill, which is more accurate than it is encouraging.

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