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Geoff White

Nevertheless (Background)



With impressive swiftness, Columbus native Geoff White rose through the electronic-music ranks early in the decade, issuing several outstanding releases on elite techno labels like Force Inc., Morris/Audio, Cytrax, and Traum. As with many talented U.S. techno artists, though, White found that his rarefied dance music fired more imaginations abroad than it did at home, so he eventually moved to Spain.

White completed Nevertheless in 2003, while he was still based in Ohio, but the album lingered in distributorship limbo till now. The disc's well worth the wait. White's programmed it to flow like a DJ set, featuring all of his own distinctively textured, tactfully propulsive minimal-techno cuts. The 12 tracks here achieve an ideal balance between timbral quirkiness and rhythmic sensuousness, resulting in his most accomplished techno output to date. Minimal often equals arid and joyless in this genre, but White arranges percussive and melodic bric-a-brac like a feng shui master who can also rock the party.

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