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Twisted Heart (Engine Room Recordings)


You have probably heard singer-songwriter Goat before. His eccentric "Great Life" was used in a Kia car commercial and the slasher pic I Know What You Did Last Summer. Goat's the son of Cleveland Indians star third baseman Al Rosen, and like Dad, he's a dark-horse favorite. His third album, Twisted Heart, features heartfelt songwriting and a grizzled voice. A 9-11 song titled "Churchbells" and the lounge kitsch of "Find Somebody" both give off a warm, energetic glow. Conversely, "Twisted Heart" and the ruminating "Come Today" mourn hard-living troubadour Chris Whitley like an all-day thunderstorm. "Daydream," an amusing, Lovin' Spoonful-style take on the Prozac Nation, is an upbeat, feel-good Brooke Shields stick in Tom Cruise's eye. Talk about a tune for a P.T. Anderson flick.

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