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The Sins of Youth EP (



Fans of the Six Parts Seven and Low in the Sky should check out Godot.'s The Sins of Youth EP. The three core members of Kent's post-art-rock collective spent their formative years studying film, assorted schools of deconstruction, and visual art. The time wasn't wasted. The group's live shows are borderless multimedia exchanges between free-form musical noodling, live painting, and video projection.

Mellow as a mellotron, disc opener "All the Sins" is a soundtrack without a movie; eight-minute epic "Election Night" builds to a climax of squealing psychedelia; and, while bassist-vocalist Brian Robertson's nimble bass line in "Prnemvn" suggests jazz fusion, the alienated art boys prove capable of rocking out when they want. Singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist R. William Downey mumbles, whispers, and squeaks like a shoegazer, but "Watercolour" (the EP's sole single-length track) suggests he has what it takes to be a real frontman.

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