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God's Not a Fan


If Them Damn Kids from Chicago hadn’t picked up guitars in college, Chris Darby and Rolland Gairroes would be preaching from the pulpit. The duo, which performs at the Barking Spider tonight, met at a Missouri seminary, where both were studying to be priests. During their final year in 2003, they dropped out and moved to the Windy City to play music. Their third “folk-core” CD, <\!s>.<\!s>.<\!s>. The Day Has Just Begun, came out last year. Looking back, Darby and Gairroes don’t regret kicking the priesthood to the curb. “The seminary was a valuable experience, but priesthood is not for me,” says Darby. “I found a different direction to take.”
Wed., Jan. 10, 10 p.m.

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