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Gorilla Biscuits

With Murphy's Law and Comeback Kid. Thursday, August 10, at Peabody's Downunder.



It's been a while since we've seen a sea of Converse All Stars and jersey shirts converge at Peabody's with feet-in-the-air mosh pits, but expect nothing less when the seminal straight-edge "kids" of Gorilla Biscuits walk onstage. Two decades ago, Start Today lit a fire under the hardcore scene and bands are still trying to match its power. Beginning with a boisterous trumpet call, the group's anthemic messages of strength and an in-it-together connection with its audience helped expose a generation of fans to Gorilla Biscuits' label, Revelation Records, and the quartet's old-school ethos.

Still, the scene was in its infancy back then, and the Biscuits eventually broke up. Guitarist Walter Schreifels formed Quicksand, which also found a home with Revelation (later Schreifels would do time in Rival Schools and Walking Concert), while front man Anthony Civorelli created CIV, which scored a hit single with "Can't Wait One Minute More" and was part of the first Warped Tour.

Gorilla Biscuits reunited for a show in support of the down-on-its-luck CBGB's and has now set out on a full U.S. tour with a new seven-inch in tow.

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