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Graham Colton Band

With Blue Merle. Wednesday, February 23, at the Odeon.


The Graham Colton Band is ready for its close-up. Just listen to "Don't Give Up on Me," the opener for their debut album, Drive, slick as a waterslide with its sing-along chorus and digitally tweaked vocals. It's like it was born on MTV2. In recent years, Colton and Co. have been hoofing it on the road with the likes of Counting Crows and Guster, a band they emulate in sound if not in lyrical sophistication. "Don't go away/Say you'll stay," Colton coos on "Morning Light"; that's the kind of lovestruck, banal sentiment you can expect from Drive: a line that was stale when Oasis used it. Still, what the twentysomething Colton lacks in musical originality and bite, he makes up for in, well, drive.

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