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Grape Performances

Siz dozen wines check in for a tasting.


Singles have the advantage at tonight’s Fine Wines by the Falls outing in Chagrin Falls. “If you [come] as a couple, you might be spending the whole evening at different tables, depending on your wine preferences,” says organizer Nancy Haag. Seven stations -- featuring various reds, cabernets, and chardonnays -- line up the vino by type, not brand (which is how they’re usually set up at tastings).

More than 20 area restaurants will be there too, pairing appetizers and desserts with 70 wines from across the globe. If you like one of them, ask for a price; you can probably take a bottle home without busting your bank account, she says. “You might find yourself liking a $9.99 wine. There’s a lot of lower-priced wines that do a fabulous job.” Silent auctions, a cigar tent, and piano music round out the action. “Simply, it’s a big party where the wine is the main entertainment,” says Haag. “You’re not going to be stuck at some dreary table, making small talk all night.”
Sat., Sept. 22, 7 p.m., 2007

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