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Guided by Voices

Friday, August 25, at the Beachland


Guided by Voices
  • Guided by Voices
After spending a decade writing and playing music in obscurity in his Dayton, Ohio basement, and then the next decade as indie-rock's darling/last man standing, Guided by Voices' singer Bob Pollard hasn't slowed down one bit. Having gone through nearly 40 band members and written -- hazarding a rough guess -- around 3,000 songs, Pollard continues to release product at an astonishing rate. Since the delivery of 1999's acclaimed, Anglo-fueled, new-wave burst Do the Collapse, Pollard has put out a messy dozen or so singles, EPs, one-offs, outtakes, and side projects -- all in the space of eight months. All of this only adds to the already massive Guided by Voices and Robert Pollard catalog. The endless stream of music coming from Pollard keeps the hard-core base intact, while the more "glamorous" and mainstream (inasmuch as GBV can be mainstream) records maintain a semblance of the glorious and loose classic pop that Guided by Voices has mutated into its own. Where the two come together is in the live setting. Pollard's onstage drinking, which supposedly began as a poor man's cure for stage fright, has, over the years, turned Guided by Voices shows into the ultimate dormitory road-party. Pollard and his band -- onstage guzzling beer while they stumble to and fro -- play their geeks-who-became-the-new-Who rock, while the odd collection of trekkies, Dungeons & Dragon nerds, jocks, bookworms, and rockers all sing and drink along with their hero.

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