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Guitar Heroes

When they're not saving lives, these doctors really shred.


A dozen Summit County physicians will drop their scalpels to shred on axes at tonight's Docs Who Rock competition. "Some doctors are golfing on Wednesdays; these doctors are in their garages with their guitars," says Michael Gaffney, a spokesman for the United Way of Summit County, which sponsors the third annual event. This year's lineup includes cover band Jon Von Bovi, rockers Collideascope, metalheads V-Tach, and Celtic folkies Stringed Fantasy.

Cardiologist Terry Gordon returns as the show's MC. Last year, he dressed up as Austin Powers, but he's keeping tonight's character secret until showtime. "I'm quite sure the audience will be entertained," he says. "And my mother will be mortified." Each band gets eight minutes of stage time to perform. Then a four-judge panel weighs in, American Idol-style, with its opinion. Audience applause will help determine the night's victors. The winning group takes home a trophy and photo-session deal. "You'll see your doctor in another light," says Gaffney. "Though it might be a little scary to see the guy onstage in Alice Cooper makeup suddenly standing over you with anesthesia."
Sat., Oct. 14, 7 p.m.

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