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Guitar Wolf

With Interfuse and the Hurricanes. Friday, March 4, at the Grog Shop.


Everyone should see Guitar Wolf at least once, and you might only get one chance. Not only because Guitar Wolf has to trek all the way from Japan for its rare tours, but, unless you're accustomed to the most over-the-top trash rock, your heart is likely to give out during the Wolf's ridiculously explosive (explosively ridiculous?) performances. Plus, there's always the chance the singer might land right on top of you after hanging from the rafters two seconds too long.

As another wave of wild garage rock emerges from the Far East (Electric Eel Shock, DMBQ), there stands Guitar Wolf, 10 years on, the wildest still. Its latest, R.R.E. (Narnack), comes with rusted rockabilly riffs slashing like switchblades, lyrical sci-fi shenanigans, and an acquiescence to Japanese rock's extreme noise tendencies. If the years have implanted any amount of musicianship here, it only leaks out of power-pop turns like "Toiletface." The band's complete disregard for actually finishing songs is overmatched by the amazing, limbs-flailing, rock and roll revival barrage that is still one of the greatest shows on earth -- or whatever planet this bunch now calls home.

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