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Hanzel und Gretyl

With Bella Morte, PKS, and Reinforced. 7 p.m. Friday, October 13, $15 ADV/$18 DOS (Ticketmaster). The Phantasy Nite Club, 11802 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, 216-228-6300.


How better to celebrate Friday the 13th than with a big, sexy techno-rock party, headlined by Hanzel und Gretyl? The members of this N.Y.C. troupe like to slide into leather and vinyl, then play like they're from Deutschland, dropping mongrel semi-German into song titles like "Fukken Über Death Party." The fetishists' early work recalled the sensual beats of Thrill Kill Kult and Lords of Acid, but they've since marched into KMFDM-occupied territory, making each song from the new Oktötenfest the audio equivalent of five minutes on the RoboSpanker, cranked to 11.

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